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Want some tasty food?

Where is Guadalajara located?
Want some tasty food?
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Our food is worldwide recognized as one of the most tastefull food.

Guadalajara's delicious and unique food:

Birria en caldo (Birria soup)

Plato de Pozole (Pozole plate)

Look for some recepits:

Tortas ahogadas (salsa soaked torta-sandwich)

Guadalajara is well know for different dishes :
  • Birria: la birria is made out of goat meat that it is cooked in an oven (some people dig a big hole in the ground, put hot rocks in it and season the birria prior to placing it in this hole until it's done).  When it's ready, we serve it on a plate and cover it with tomato sauce, diced onion and cilantro.
  • Pozole: el pozole is done with hominy and meat (it can be chicken or pork ) it is all cooked together until the meat is tender.
  • When it is ready we serve it in a bowl and add letuce, lemon juice, hot sauce, diced onion, and radish. We eat it with tostadas or tacos dorados.
  • Tostadas are flat fried tortillas covered with fried beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream and tomato sauce.
  • Tacos Dorados are plain tortillas with mash potatoes inside (you can put meat, chicken, beans, or ground meat) roll them and fry them in hot oil. When the tortilla is crispy, we serve them on a flat plate and top them with lettuce, sour cream and tomato sauce.
  • Tortas Ahogadas are also well know as one of Guadalajara tipical foods.
  • Jugo de Lima: (lima is not lemon, it is a fruit that looks like an orange but it has a green skin and it tastes different).
  • Jugo de Caņa:  (know here as sugar cane juice)

Mole Estilo Guadalajara (mole Guadalajara style)...
In Guadalajara you can find delicious 'Mole' that tstes quite different than the 'Mole Poblano' (from Puebla) which is worldly known. The mole can be red, green, black, yellow, or sweet, or hot. It all depends what is your taste for ...

Sopes are another complete meal dish that is from Guadalajara.

Taking a risk for a new taste

What a taste!

Mexican food in general is well known for the hot pepper taste that we include in our dishes. Hot pepper is know for its unique way of making us feel like fire is coming out of our ears, our tongue is burning, makes our eyes watery and our entire body starts swetting! good
way to loose some weight.